Special Effects for all types of events

The Icing on the Cake

CO2 Gun
Unleash a High-Energy Atmosphere with a CO2 Gun – Blast Clouds of Cool Smoke to Amplify Peaks in Music and Create Electrifying Visual Effects, Turning Up the Excitement and Giving Your Event a Nightclub Vibe!
Cold Sparks
Elevate Your Event with Mesmerizing Cold Sparks - Ignite the Atmosphere with a Shower of Brilliant, Safe-to-Touch Sparks, Adding a Touch of Spectacle and Elegance, Perfect for Grand Entrances, First Dances, or Climactic Moments!
Confetti Blast
Inject a Burst of Joy into Your Event with Confetti – Create Picture-Perfect Moments as Colorful Flutters Fill the Air, Evoking a Sense of Celebration and Exuberance, Ideal for Marking Milestones and Festive Occasions!
Dancing On Clouds
Immerse in a Fairy-Tale Moment with Dancing on Clouds – Envelop the Dance Floor in a Dreamy, Low-Lying Fog, Crafting an Ethereal and Magical Experience Perfect for Romantic Dances, Entrances, or Spellbinding Performances.
Choose or combine any of our Special Effects.

Special Effects

CO2 Tank
5 Shots Per Tank
Additional CO2 Tanks Available
Cold Sparks
Multiple Blasts Throughout The Event
Safe for Indoor Use
Shoots Up to 10 Feet High
Confetti Gun
5 to 10 Lbs of Confetti
White or Color Confetti
Multiple Shots Throughout the Event