DJ Services
At Miami DJs, we believe that simplicity, variety and originality is the key to a successful event, therefore we offer numerous packages with a multitude of customizable upgrades and add-ons that are guaranteed to enhance your event and WOW all of your guests.

Classic Package:

– Professional DJ
– Master of Ceremony Services
– Backlit LED DJ Booth
– 4 Hours of Service
– 2 Powered Speakers
– Wireless Microphone
– Professional Installation
– Online Event Planner Access
– Miami DJs Custom Event Planning & Timeline Worksheet

Miami DJ Deluxe



Classic Plus:
(Includes everything from our Classic Package, plus the following):

– Cocktail Hour (5th Hour)
– Backlit Speaker Tripod Covers
–  LED Dancefloor Color Light Show

Miami DJ Premium




High End:
(Includes everything from our Classic Plus Package, plus the following):

– 2 7ft. Light Towers
– 2 LED Moving Heads
(360 Degree Color Light Show)
– 18″ 1000+ Watt Subwoofer

Miami DJs Ultimate Package

Miami DJs High End Plus



Ultra Modern:
(Includes everything from our High End Package, plus the following):

– Dual View DJ Touch Screen
– Live DMX Light Show Programming (Intelligent Color Light Show)
– DJ Assistant for better Master of Ceremony Interaction.
– High Powered Subwoofer Upgrade
(18″ 1500+ Watt Subwoofer)
– 1 Wireless Microphone
(Total of 2 Wireless Microphones)
– Live Music Video Mixing
*Available Upon Request*
DJ Xio *Ranked within the Top 37 DJs in America by Billboard*
Exclusively Mixing Live at your Event



Ultra Modern Plus:
(Includes everything from our Ultra Modern Package, plus the following):

– LED Video DJ Booth
– High Powered Moving Head Upgrade
(Concert Grade Lighting)
– 18″ 1500+ Watt Subwoofer
(Total of 2 Subwoofers 5,000 Watts+ of Full Range Sound)
– High Powered Hazer
(Light Fog For Special Visual Effects)

Miami DJs Ultimate Package


(Includes everything from our Ultra Modern Plus Package, plus the following):

– 2 7ft. Light Towers
(Total of 4 Light Towers)
– 2 High Powered Moving Heads
(Total of 4 High Powered Moving Heads)
*Full Light Show*
– 2 High Powered Speakers
(Total of 4 High Powered Speakers)
*Total Venue Sound Coverage*

miami_djs_ultimate miami_djs_ultimate2



Ultimate Video:
Includes everything from our Ultimate Package, plus the following:

– 16×8 LED Video Wall
– Video Tech for Visual Effects
– Light Tech for Concert Style Light show Programming

Miami DJs Ultimate Video LED Video Wall

Miami DJs LED Video Wall 2